NEMØ has been freelancing cartoons since 2006 in local and some major Canadian newspapers, mostly in English for THE GAZETTE of Montreal and others, eh? Since 2009, his cartoons appear in the annual PORTFOOLIO, Year's Best Canadian Editorial Cartoons (an irregular publication...).

NEMØ cartoons have also been published in the USA and in Europe (France, UK and Germany).

NEMØ doesn't take ideological sides. Left or right are biased concepts, and at the moment the propaganda and the polarisation are too intense to be trusted.

As much as possible, based on the information and/or facts, NEMØ tries to find a funny angle. The artist's opinion doesn't matter as much as the impact, the reflexion or the discussion that his images can produce.

And furthermore, cartoons also allow to extrapolate from that reality and take our thoughts to another level, sometimes lighter, some other times darker. In dark times, the lighter side might be a better option... But sometimes, a darker warning is what's needed. Anyways... it's complicated, haha!