Cartoons on request

We offer you the option of getting one or more cartoons on request. You can request a cartoon or a series of cartoons on a particular theme or topic. You can also choose a particular cartoonist or group of cartoonists (e.g. from the same part of the world).

How does it work?

Commission a cartoon

You can request a cartoon on a particular topic or theme from any of our cartoonists. The request includes a round of sketches so you can approve the idea. The final cartoon can be delivered within 24 hours.

You can also commission a particular group of cartoonists.

The price for a cartoon on request is €250 per cartoon. Cartoons come with a license for use in print and online.

Commission a series of cartoons

Want to get a range of perspectives on a subject from cartoonists around the globe? We offer the unique option of engaging our entire network of cartoonists to draw cartoons about a subject of your choice.

Simply let us know what subject you would like cartoons about and we’ll set up a dedicated project page where our cartoonist will submit their cartoons. After a project of your choice (this can vary between 24 hours and one month) you get to choose the cartoons you like best from all the submissions. The number of submissions varies depending on the project runtime, but on average we receive 150-200 cartoons for any given topic.

We you commission all our cartoonists, we ask for a minimum purchase of four cartoons (€250 per cartoon), so the minimum project cost is €1000. Additional cartoons can be purchased for €250 per cartoon.

Here are some cartoon series we have made:

70 years of human rights for the United Nations Human Rights Office

Perspectives on Freedom for the National 4 and 5 May Committee in the Netherlands

Indefensible - 7 myths that sustain the global arms trade for the World Peace Foundation

Taboos worldwide for Index on Censorship

Wildlife crimes for the Wildlife Justice Commission

Visit our project website to see even more of our cartoon projects

Email us to make your own cartoon request!