Cartoon Movement is an online platform bringing together professional editorial cartoonists from all over the world. Our mission is to promote the professional editorial cartoon and to defend freedom of speech.

Every day, we publish global perspectives on the news, brought to you by our network of more than 600 cartoonists from all over the world. All our cartoons can be purchased; we offer a unique and lovingly curated collection of over 80,000 international political cartoons.

We also commission 'on demand' editorial cartoons for a global list of clients. Take a look at our projects to learn more about our activities, and get in touch if you are looking to do a project that involves cartoons.


Cartoon Movement is run by Dutch award-winning editorial cartoonist Tjeerd Royaards. Tjeerd's work has been published by the New York Times, BBC, CNN, the Guardian, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Courrier International, France 24, Internazionale, Politico Europe, and many others. Tjeerd is also on the Board of Advisors of Cartoonists Rights Network International and a member of Cartooning for Peace.

Emanuele Del Rosso is Cartoon Movement's social media manager. He is an Italian communication specialist and award-winning editorial cartoonist. He was born in Trento (Italy) in 1986. He publishes his illustrations on several international publications, such as Renewable Matters, Alternatives Economiques and Courrier International. His cartoons have been exhibited in different cities, like Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris, Trento, Ramallah. In 2018 he won the second prize of the political cartoons contest ‘Libex 2018‘ and the ‘Strike‘ contest for young talents. In September 2019 he won the second prize of the Dutch Inktspotprijs.

In 2007, Arend Jan van den Beld and Thomas Loudon founded the organization VJ Movement, an international journalistic platform for video journalists and political cartoonists. A website that provided a space for multiple perspectives without judgment. The video reports are still visible on Youtube. Cartoons were found to have their own dynamics, leading to the establishment of a separate publication platform for cartoonists, Cartoon Movement.

In 2018, Thomas Loudon stepped down, leaving Arend Jan as the owner, who is still involved in the organization. Tjeerd Royaards has developed Cartoon Movement with the utmost dedication from the beginning to what it is today.

Cartoon Movement also contains a public benefit foundation (Dutch ANBI) named VJ Movement Foundation.