4107 x 3000 px

Sleepy Joe bedin'

... 我们非常高兴在白宫安装我们的睡眠剂...我们希望... 兹兹...

What's your page Barbara? Any contact there?

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I lost?
I don't remember being a presidential candidate, but thanks for the honor.

bah, there's no effort on spanking baby trolls

* these people * I didn't mean Antonio and Predrag of course.

Vividly striking cartoon NEMO.
These people up there.. they're frankly not worth it man, not even worth the effort. Keep up the great work.

Ya, that speaks for you and your other 3 avatars.

Who said I was offended?
Who keeps coming to whine on my cartoons?
Who needs to insult me and Pete like an offended preteen?
Offended babies like you maybe...

If you need some spanking, keep on coming.
Hillary farm trolls weren't as poorly skilled as you... but again, what can we expect from senile mumbling Joe's trolls?

OMEN/NEMØ, yes, it's intentional... I'm bad OMEN for you. Thank you for noticing
Drawde -- can't draw --- alias Edward, Dean, OKnazi... Like Joe, at least, you're good with anagrams, or is it mumbling dyslexia?

We sure are happy you like us enough to call us trolls.
Thanks OMEN

My dear usual trolls...
Biden can't make a sentence straight. He's not answering tough questions. Even those are prepared and he often reads from a teleprompter or flash card to answer them, getting it wrong while reading it. He hides in his basement. Biden team thought he was better off campaign than talking... So ya, the world doesn't see or hear him. That's not laughable at all, for sure, and when he speaks straight he can say interesting things like that:
- "We have the biggest voter fraud organisation", says Joe: https://youtu.be/BRZEs9BRGK4
- "I don't need voters to get elected" https://thedonald.win/p/11PWCUjf0S/joe-biden-i-dont-need-voters-to-/c/
- And Pelosi said, "Joe will be elected whatever the results" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f69AGwqJ5o
Doesn't it sound like a fix was in? So, he won... ? Hahaha!

You had to admit, however, that Trump has never shown any sliver of intelligence, let alone, decency. However sleepy Joe may seem to you, he hasn't been the laughing stock of the World like corrupt Trump has.

Deal with it NØME. He won. Get over yourself.

Well, that's great because it applies to Joe 100%. Serbs obviously know Biden better than the americans themseves and the cartoonists here, only by his name.

Yes NEMØ, but in Serbian, "poor" refers not only to the material side, but also to the emotional and intellectual side, as well. In English: bad, weak, miserable, deficient, ...

Gracias Antonio
Predrag, is it "Poor"? That's what he isn't but will make us all...

There is a good anagram in Serbian: "Bedni" (look on Google translator).

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