komala by Nemo
4111 x 2944 px

Kamala like comma, commie, ko-mala

Who is more phony than Hillary?
Who gets announced as a candidate for VP and refuses to answer questions?
Who wanted prisoners kept in jail to be used as free (almost) labor and wants criminals in the street now because of corona?
Who hid exculpatory information about prisoners on death row?
Who puts in jail people in possession of pot, but admits on an interview she smokes and inhales?
It's Kamala, sorry, Ko-mala like in comma, Komala she says in her book... like in commie? And while it's so important for her that we pronounce her name KOMala, she presents herself as KAmala... Well, that's quite singular. The remaiings constant is Mala , Bad in spanish, Haha!

Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii Democrat, also a presidential candidate, the only good one they had, shreds Komala to pieces here, enjoy:

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thanks Pete, trolls love it too

Hey trolls, did you forget how much of a racist your fake prez is?

Thanks Barbara, what's your page?

Thanks Barbara, what's your page?

I'm so ill informed that:
1. It's public record... Even Tulsi says it. Is she a right-winger? Tulsi is native samoan. Am I a racist for prefering a better candidate?
2. STulsi s another democrat presidential candidate that reached the final 3 position while Komala was shown the door early collecting a 2% vote from your gang... That makes her very likeable indeed, disliked within her own party.
Ignorant and blind trolls.

Saved this one to post for my Conservative Canadian/American viewers. I like your work Canuck. With this elections theft going on, expect them to be more vicious than usual as you state facts. Remember, bitter laugh, they are already compiling lists of Trump supporters. Bolshevism anyone?

You must be really ill informed or a right-wing extremist to believe that Vice President Kamala Harris is a "commie". Good Lord!

Your racism is showing.
Oh, and did you really ask “Who wants prisoners kept in jail“? LOL

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