What is the Cartoon Movement?
We're a community of international editorial cartoonists and fans of political satire. The Cartoon Movement is part of The Video Journalism Movement (VJ Movement), an organization dedicated to the promotion of video journalism and press freedom.

I love your cartoons - can I publish them on my site?
No. We are a community of professional artists, who depend on their cartoons to earn a living. We do have special rates for personal and/or non-profit use. Please refer to our licensing information here, or feel free to get in touch with us at cartoons@cartoonmovement.com.

Who decides what you publish?
We publish the most popular cartoons as decided by our members. We'll also make editorial choices if we decide that a cartoon is particularly timely.

How often do you publish new cartoons?
We publish new material at least 4 times a week.

I'm an editorial cartoonist, how can I get involved?
We'd love to have you on board - our application page is here.

I'm interested in doing comics journalism, how do I get involved?
We are always looking for comics journalists from around the world that can present unique, professional work on important issues. Please contact us at cartoons@cartoonmovement.com.

I'm not an editorial cartoonist, can I still join?
Of course - please do! You can sign up here. Join us to vote for your favorite cartoons, to comment on cartoons and to submit your own work in our user newsroom.

Do you pay your cartoonists?
Yes. We pay for all the cartoons we publish online.

Who's behind this?
The VJ Movement was founded by web veteran Arend Jan van den Beld and Thomas Loudon, who worked as a video-journalist in Iran and Egypt. The Cartoon Movement was set up by Tjeerd Royaards, a Dutch editorial cartoonist.

Are you a business or a non-profit?
We're a registered non-profit. We are, however, financially independent and do not rely on donors. For an insight into our revenue model see our business pages. Through this venture we hope to demonstrate a financially sound model which will support editorial cartooning in the digital age.