Generation Z Against the Regime's Imposed Ideals
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Generation Z in IRAN

Iran's younger generation is increasingly alienated from the government-imposed ideals. Today's youth, known as "digital natives" due to their extensive access to the internet and social media, are exposed to a wide array of information and perspectives. This exposure allows them to independently question norms and constraints that previous generations might have accepted without dispute.

This generation, raised amid economic crises, political corruption, and severe cultural and social restrictions, is largely indifferent or even opposed to the Islamic and revolutionary values imposed on them. This sentiment was prominently displayed in the widespread protests that escalated since 2017 and notably after the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022. Many young people participated in these protests, demanding fundamental changes to the country's political and social structure.

This shift in attitude not only affects domestic policy but also marks a profound transformation in how Iran interacts with the outside world. Iranian youth seek international relationships and engagements based on mutual respect and common interests, moving away from ideological viewpoints and historical animosities.

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