• Partnership – MasterPeace

    Partnership – MasterPeace

    In April 2011, we ran a special project in our newsroom for MasterPeace, an international bottom-up peace initiative with the major goal to involve people in peace building. We asked cartoonists from around the world to give us their perspective on peace.

    05 May 2011
  • Cartoonists Under Pressure

    Cartoonists Under Pressure

    Cartoon Movement provides a platform for cartoonists to show the work they are not allowed to publish elsewhere. We also use cartoons to bring attention to cartoonists who are in danger or have been attacked because of their work. On this project-page we bring together all the cartoons that were made by cartoonists under pressure, and those that were made in support of endangered cartoonists.

    01 Mar 2011
  • Perspectives on Freedom 2011-2016

    Perspectives on Freedom 2011-2016

    Since 2011, we have produced cartoons for the National 4 and 5 May Committee in the Netherlands every year. These cartoons are about freedom and are related to May 5th, Liberation Day. The Netherlands has its own tradition for commemorating WWII and celebrating the Liberation. Two days are set apart: one for observances and one for festivities. At the evening of the 4th of may, the Dutch remember the Dutch victims of WWII and victims of other wars and peace keeping operations since. On the 5th of may, they celebrate freedom. Not just by looking back, but also looking forwards.

    02 Jan 2011
  • There is More Than One Truth – Travelling Exhibition

    There is More Than One Truth – Travelling Exhibition

    The Cartoon Movement is dedicated to promoting high quality journalism around the world, especially in those places where a free press is not a given. We believe in the power of political cartoons, as these are a strong indicator of the level of press freedom in a country. Cartoon Movement has brought together the best cartoons on press freedom in an exhibition titled 'There is more than one truth'.

    24 Apr 2010
  • There is More Than One Truth – The Book

    There is More Than One Truth – The Book

    'There is More Than One Truth' is a collection of timeless editorial cartoons commenting on themes such as conflicts, religion, migration and human rights. The cartoonists included in the book are masters of their craft from all over the world, including multiple winners of the World Press Cartoon and UN Political Cartoon awards.

    15 Dec 2009