Cartoon about inequality

Not by chance, but choice

While the wealth of very few soars, inequality not only affects us all, it kills

Billionaires are making fortunes off the pain and suffering of ordinary people around the world. As the world is reeling from multiple ongoing crises, from COVID-19 and the climate crisis, to emergencies around the world that are deepening the global economic crisis. As inflation bites, inequality is skyrocketing, hurting us all–in fact, a quarter of a billion more people could be pushed into poverty in 2022. Millions are struggling or unable to get enough food to eat, clean water, pay essential bills, while the richest are immune to rising prices on everyday basics.

Together with Oxfam International, we're inviting our artists to join us in bringing the issue to broader audience, through cartoons that:

1. Reflect on how increasing cost-of-living, energy / food prices increase, and inflation is harming people, especially those who are already suffering more in less privileged communities and/or as a result of systemic oppression. A situation many of us could relate to, no matter where one lives.

2. Show that while day-to-day life is getting harder for the most of us, the very few super rich, mainly white, male billionaires, are gaining huge fortunes. The inequality crisis is getting worse year by year, month by month The super-rich and the corporations they control are inflating prices to protect their profits, holding COVID-19 vaccines and treatments hostage for their gain, and leading contributors to the destruction of our planet, while undermining workers’ rights and reinforcing systems of oppression created to keep women, racialized and other marginalized groups at the bottom of society.

3. Examine the root cause of this situation. Why do we choose to live with these disheartening facts or why are we all forced to be in this situation? What should change? And, how?

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