• Social Enterprise NL

    Social Enterprise NL

    Social Enterprise NL is a Dutch organisation that aims to assist and promote social enterprises in the Netherlands. They have recently renewed their website, and we were asked to create all the visuals for the new site. Cuban artist Alex Falco created 25 images to illustrate the different sections of the website.

    09 Oct 2013
  • The Hague Trials Kenya

    The Hague Trials Kenya

    On September 10, 2013, the International Criminal Court (ICC) commenced hearings against Kenya's deputy president, William Ruto, and Kenyan journalist Joshua Sang. On February 5, 2014, the ICC trial against Kenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta, is scheduled to begin. The three are accused of playing a role in the post-election violence in Kenya in 2007-2008. The Africa Desk of Radio Netherlands Worldwide and This is Africa have set up an online discussion platform to follow these cases. Our cartoonists are contributing to the project by visualizing different perspectives that help fuel the debate.  

    16 Sep 2013
  • TEDxHagueAcademy


    On September 9, the first edition of TEDxHagueAcademy took place at the Palace in The Hague, The Netherlands. Nine excellent speakers talked about peace, justice and human rights, with subjects ranging from the Sharia to the international role of China. Our cartoonists were asked to visualize the different subjects.

    11 Sep 2013
  • Partnership – Hollandse Hoogte

    Partnership – Hollandse Hoogte

    Hollandse Hoogte is a well-known Dutch photo agency that supplies images to newspapers, magazines and organisations, in the Netherlands and around the world. Cartoon Movement is very excited to be partnering with Hollandse Hoogte, making all our cartoons available via their distribution channels.

    16 Aug 2013
  • Responsible Practices

    Responsible Practices

    The Fair Labor Organization (FLA) recently initiated a new two-year project, titled 'RESPECT'. The project aims at encourage more responsible purchasing practices within global supply chains, in the garment industry in particular. The supplier, the buyer, the consumer, and the worker are all involved in the supply chain, and all have certain interests. RESPECT will explore and test an approach to facilitate collaboration among buyers, suppliers and consumers. Cartoon Movement was asked to help FLA to communicate the project by providing visuals that would help communicate the motivations and aims of RESPECT. We asked Nicaruguan artist Pedro X. Molina to do a series of illustrations that would correspond with the different stages of the project.

    24 May 2013
  • About Freedom

    About Freedom

    In a partnership with About Freedom, an international film festival taking place in the Netherlands, and Dutch newspaper BN de Stem, Cartoon Movement developed six different perspectives on freedom. The perspectives are based on personal stories send in by the readers of the newspaper.

    23 May 2013
  • No Laughing Matter

    No Laughing Matter

    No Laughing Matter is a webdoc directed by Olivier Malvoisin. It uses testimonies from cartoonists from all four corners of the globe to create a world map of taboos and barriers to the freedom of expression in the 21st century. The map is intended to be an updatable and sustainable tool which maps freedom of expression and taboos around the world.

    19 Apr 2013
  • Partnership – The Sphere Project

    Partnership – The Sphere Project

    The Sphere Project is an initiative that brings together many of the world’s largest and oldest humanitarian agencies with the aim to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance to people affected by disasters or conflicts. In this partnership, Cartoon Movement and the Sphere Project teamed up to spread even further the awareness of the Humanitarian Charter and the Handbook amongst humanitarian actors, using cartoons.

    15 Feb 2013
  • Partnership – 360 Degrees

    Partnership – 360 Degrees

    360 Degrees is a partnership between Cartoon Movement, the Arab Desk of Radio Netherlands Worldwide and media partners in Saudi Arabia (Al Sharq), Egypt (Masrawy, Al Masry al Youm), Yemen (Almasdar online), and Morocco (Hespress). The essence of the project is to show the differences and similarities between perspectives from the Arab World compared to perspectives from the rest of the world on a range of themes, hoping to offer a view of 360 degrees.

    17 Dec 2012
  • Cartoons at Your Event

    Cartoons at Your Event

    Cartoons are versatile. For a long time, cartoons were closely associated with print media (newspapers and magazines), but the Internet has broadened the scope and audience of cartoons. Since our launch, Cartoon Movement has been pushing the envelope, setting up projects and partnerships to create and use cartoons in new and exciting ways. One innovative way of using cartoons and cartoonists, is to have them present at your event.

    05 Dec 2012
  • Education – Teaching with Cartoonists

    Education – Teaching with Cartoonists

    Since the launch of Cartoon Movement in December 2010 we have discovered the potential of editorial cartoons in the field of education. In the last two years, we have run a comprehensive project with a number of high schools in the Netherlands, started partnerships with the London School of Economics and Tufts University, and given countless workshops about editorial cartoons, symbology, image analysis, and the power of visual storytelling.

    19 Nov 2012
  • Partnership – Why Poverty?

    Partnership – Why Poverty?

    Why Poverty? is a cross-media event taking place in the week of 25 November – 2 December 2012, reaching more than 500 million people around the world via television, radio, Internet and live events. Cartoon Movement is partnering with news service Edg.ie and Netherlands Public Broadcasting to join the global debate with cartoons.

    18 Nov 2012
  • Partnership – World Peace Foundation

    Partnership – World Peace Foundation

    In this partnership, Cartoon Movement worked with the World Peace Foundation (part of Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University) to create a series of cartoons about peace in the 21st century, inspired by the visuals used by the international peace movement in the early 20th century. We asked our cartoonists to translate the visuals that were used 100 years ago to the reality of the 21st century, resulting in over 120 cartoons submitted to the project newsroom. The final selection of cartoons will be used in an exhibition at the World Peace Foundation.

    05 Nov 2012
  • Behind-the-Scenes


    Cartoons are made in many different ways. Older cartoonists tend to prefer pen and paper, while the younger artists favor a completely digital work process more often. In our series Behind-the-Scenes we ask our cartoonists to show us how they work.

    29 Aug 2012
  • Partnership – Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

    Partnership – Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

    Comics journalism and social justice meet in Jessica Colotl: Eye of the Storm, a comic by Ryan Schill and Greg Scott created in a partnership between Cartoon Movement and the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. In the partnership, JJIE.org provided the reporter and the subject. Cartoon Movement provided the artist and the expertise to turn Ryan Schill's script into a compelling and engaging visual story.

    06 Aug 2012