Keyvan Varesi was born in May 1979 in Iran. He has a Graphic Diploma from Kamal al-Mulk Art School in 1998 and Bachelor of Art of Graphic from Azad University in 2003.
He is an Art Director, Cartoonist and Graphic Designer. He worked as a Cartoonist with many Iranian magazines and newspapers such as Golagha Weekly, Tanz o Caricature monthly, Iran News Daily, Etemad Daily, Shargh Daily, Jam e Jam Daily and Bayan Daily.
He was also Cartoon Editor of Ghanoon Daily and Ilna News Agency.
He was the organizer and collector (Curator) of the cartoon exhibition (kalleh malagh) at Afrand Art Gallery in Tehran in 2015.
He worked as a Designer in some of the UN Projects in Iran from 2010 to 2013.
He won international Cartoon Awards that some of them are as follows:
•GRAND PRIZE of 32nd international Cartoon Competition of SICACO- South Korea-2023
•3rd PRIZE of the 22nd Biennial of Cartoon Humor and Satire, Slovakia 2023
•First Prize Winner of the 25th Fax For Peace Art Festival- Italy- 2021
•Silver prize from the SICACO International Cartoon Competition- South Korea- 2021
•First Prize of the World Press Freedom Conference cartoon competition, organized by Cartoon Movement and Cartooning for Peace- Netherlands- 2020
•Special Recognition Winner of 14th Zagreb International Salon of Car Caricatures – Croatia- 2020
•Excellence Prize of 5th edition of the World Humor Awards- Italy- 2020
•Special Prize of Don Quichotte Cartoon Competition- Turkey- 2020
•2nd Award of 5th MIKS International Cartoon Competition- Croatia- 2019
•Honorable Mention of DE HUMOR DE LIMEIRA International Cartoon Festival- Brazil- 2019
•Honorable mention from the DICACO Cartoon Competition- South Korea- 2007
•Selected Prize from FCW International Cartoon Festival- China- 2005
•Selected Prize from the International Cartoon Competition Dialogue of Civilizations/ Golagha Magazine- Iran- 2000