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Ve Vill Bury You!

The Washington Post (USA) reported recently on a Russian "space threat" posing an "unspecified dire risk" to the USA and its fellow gangsters... uhh, that is, allies.

I mean, REALLY, now... are they shittin’ us with this mess? Are they really that desperate to take our minds off THE GODDAMN GENOCIDE? “Unspecified dire risk”? Really? UNSPECIFIED? BWAH HA HA HA HAAAAHHHH. Yeah, Russian Space Threat Emerges — straight outta the asses of “U.S. Officials”. So, what’s next, guys — the “Missile Gap”?

It's positively comical, how desperate they are at this point, serving up this exhumed, warmed-over, hoary-ass old McCarthy Era droolage. Why don’t they just give it the hell up?

"Da, komrade, and then ve are takink kare of Moose and Sqvirrel!"
—Boris Badenov

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