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Happy Gøddamn New Year

A front-page headline in the New York Times of December 29 says "ISRAEL ADMITTING FAULT IN 2 STRIKES HITTING CIVILIANS; REGRET FROM MILITARY; Sees 'Unintended Harm' Where Locals Said Dozens Died"

"REGRET From Military", it says here.
That's right — REGRET for "unintended harm"

Oh, f'cripesake, why do these thugs even bother anymore? Who do they think they're kidding? Do they think that after nearly 3 months of industrial-scale brutality, fascistic bullying, threats and media lies, Genocide Joe's little buddy actually expects us to believe that they REGRET this horror show?

The threat of the Bad Old GOP taking over stopped scaring me nearly 30 years ago, and now it scares me even less, if that's even possible. Four more years of Trump? Big goddamn deal; we've ALREADY BEEN through 4 more years of Trump — if you think about it — so I could give a rat's ass who "wins" their goddamn "election" next year. For all I care, the Democrats can get their asses shredded so goddamn bad that they have to be identified via dental records. At this point, I don't care so much about defeating Trump as I do about defeating America.

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