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trump (R) Wins S.C. Primary

So trump won the SC primary… as expected. Yada yada
The most discussion afterwards was “when will Nikki drop out?”
Ya know the discussion I have been waiting for??? HOW CAN ANY REPUBLICAN in SC or beyond vote for an adjudicated RAPIST….. THEY ARE KISSING HIS RING instead.

Here are the facts:

in May of 2023 trump was found liable for “sexual assault” and since that time only heard a handful of media MOSTLY WOMEN OF COURSE say it out loud …. He is a RAPIST.

In July of 2023 after trump’s minions continued to bash EJ Carroll (the RAPE victim) and say “sexual assault… meh… not rape” Judge Kaplan who presided over the case CLARIFIED the definition of RAPE. In NY the penal code has a very narrow definition of RAPE. BUT according to the common modern parlance, the American Phycological Assoc. and the Justice Dept. RAPE constitutes “penetration with any body part or object”. Trump penetrated EJ Carroll with his hand!!!!

Ok….. women, fathers, husbands, brothers, friends, grand parents…. If a woman you love had trump's hand forced into her vagina….. what would you call it????

YA THIS ISSUE PISSES ME OFF….. not only for the heinous crime…. But also for the fact that our information sources are mum!!!!! Every republican interviewed should be asked… HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT AN ADJUDICATED RAPIST???? And while I think fit… where is ME TOO?

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