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TIME If He Wins

RAPIST-trump gave an interview to TIME magazine. The writer wanted to know what a second term would look like. Basically…. If you thought it was bad the first time… #2 would be a power grab like no other. The difference??? HE KNOWS THE ROPES, WON’T HAVE GUARD RAILS AND HAS POWER HUNGER ENABLERS WHO WILL BE WAITING IN THE WINGS TO HELP HIM. The writer commented how confident RAPIST-trump seemed.
Here are several of the LOWpoints: immigration camps to hold 11 million he wants to deport, monitoring women’s pregnancies, a DOJ in his pocket willing to prosecute his enemies, No $$$, no ally support, gutting the federal government to his liking, only election denying loyalists in his administration…. And the list goes on.

We already know he wants to be a DICTATOR on day one…. Also see DYSTOPIAN and BANANA REPUBLIC….. get the picture?

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