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Secret Police

There is an alarming situation going on in Portland, Oregon, with unidentified police (federal agents sent by Donald Trump and his Attorney General henchman William Barr) snatching and detaining generally peaceful protesters, shoving them into unmarked rental vehicles. This is part of Trump's show of "law and order" that he hopes will energize his political base for his attempt at reelection. This reeks of secret police acting on orders of authoritarian, dictatorial figures, which Trump hopes to become.

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1 Comment

peacefully assemble... peacefully

let mostly peaceful thugs burn everything and brutalise business owners defending their business, terrorize communities and random bash (maim/kill) citizens in the street, and at the same time abolish police, that will help keep the protests remain peaceful

but the president stopping that organised chaos, its dictatorial, because it's not his job to protect his people when local authorities are allowing that chaos and asking their law enforcement to stand down...

are you sharing a corner on Biden's basement?
do your homework, read the law and cut the BS please

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