Trump disrespects the U.S. military, who disrespect him in return
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The Salute

A magazine reported that Donald Trump dismissed U.S. troops killed in battle as "losers" and "suckers," potentially alienating whaat should have been a guaranteed voting block for him. It's not the first time he has disrespected the American military, because he cannot even understand the concept of sacrifice or duty to country. Not if there isn't a profit factor.

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And where is the promised Sales Dashboard? My other sites show sales. We have no transparency here.

Well, I'm glad you can see our comments Tjeerd. ou never see my cartoons you say.

You have a new comer, he isn't a cartoonist, Drawed can't draw. He hasn't been doing anything here but throwing insults. You suspended me for no reason, why can't you suspend Drawde for insults?

Now I'm afraid your interpretation of "insults" might be liberal enough to suspend whoever you dislike more. Who is it gonna be?

Final warning from the editor: if we see any more personal insults in this thread or in other comments we will suspend the offender for 14 days.

... You sound like a bigot and a racist Oknazi. Only two "idiots" on Cartoonmovement and you can't handle so little?
How do you like your Dem/Neocons warmongers OKnazi? Drawde-draw a cartoon before you speak, that's the rule here. You can go cry to mommy now.

Only two idiots on cartoon movement. MAGAt Nemo and Pete “dick” Kreiner. I ask why?

Who cares what he says when he does the right thing?
Terrible administration for the military:
- revamping it, getting the best for less
- getting rid of corruption and abuses in the VA, improving managment-speed-treaments
- NO NEW WAR, when did that happen with a US president in decades?
- getting out of the previous wars / being opposed by establishment neocons, dems, media and generals. You guys love wars, don't you? No new wars... Trump BAD!

Attacking a liar/traitor rino-warmonger like McCain names is justified by facts and that creep selling wars. Or calling neocon warmongers Bolton a loser, justified too.
Compare that to Nobel Peace pize Obama admin, gutting the military, purging it from dissenting generals, spreading it thin, creating new wars + drone wars, six new war zones, etc.

The Atlantic article was corroborated by several sources, including Fox News, and there have been tweets by Trump and much documentation of Trump denigrating people who've served in the U.S. armed forces. As for showing Trump "is bad" there have been three and a half years of his terrible rule to demonstrate that amply.

More hearsay from 4 "anonymous sources" in an anti-trump paper (Atlantic)... That's reallythe strongest evidence to convince this guy is bad? Where haven't we seen that before?

The story was probably debunked before you started drawing it. The White House showed the email from the Secret Services saying they wouldn't fly and couldn't secure the trip.

Congrats to both of you... and others here, for sharing the same fantasies.

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