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NATO's Article 5

ah… history and pesky facts.
Just yesterday RAPIST trump said “NATO is less important to the USA”.
trump is an ISOLATIONIST who would have no problem walking away from our allies.

You know how the USA remains “the leader of the free world??” … by showing our might, by helping our allies, by LEADING on Ukraine and other democracies fighting dictators, by being respected and RELIABLE. Going it alone and praising killer, anti-democracy Putin is the opposite…. That is the MAGAsphere right now. Putin is wringing his blood stained hands with glee and using republican sound bites as propaganda.

I hope the republicans in power stop kissing the trump wing and come to their senses..... many more of us support the international community.. but these misguided souls are blocking our efforts.

If we leave the stage… others will fill the void (think China, Iran, Russia) to our peril.

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Who's memory is worse? TFG forgets what NATO did for America, Biden remembers!

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