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"Law and Order"

President Trump visited the city of Kenosha, the scene of the racial protests, despite objections from local authorities.

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And truth also is that not only Did the Dems allow these unpeaceful protests in their own cities, they paid the organisers, with the taxpayers's money, apparently to destroy their cities, then order the police to stand down, won't prosecute the arrested rioters, let chaos take over, then go on to defund the police and ask from business owners they forbid from working to pay their taxes for their closed businesses, or even better, pay for the city cleaning of their burnt down business, while abandonning the services those taxes pay for!!!... And refuse federal help, because they want the chaos to blame who?... and it's Trump? HAHAHA!

AOC/Tlaib/Pressley/Omar, Castro (Obama cabinet secretary and presidential candidate), Kamala, Biden staffers, Hollywood celebs, helping and asking funds to help organizers and bailing out rioters.

If they didn't erase it yet, you might find Ilhan Omar daughter asking for people to help protesters with baseball bats and hockey sticks, that helps a peaceful protest. Or AOC asking money for the "front line" organizers: https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1266464930418561024

Thank you Nemo for setting the truth free and straightening things out. Again!

Qué bueno, Antonio!

Nice image but...

Local authorities let chaos happen, let businesses burn, refuse federal help...
But it's the government job to protect its citizens. When the local government fails its and abandons its duty, the Feds offer help, and it's their duty to help too.
So this Trump fanning the flames narrative when the Dems let the protests happen in the middle of a pandemic and let chaos happen, order the police to stand down, refuse to condemn antifa/blm violences, refuse federal help to stop it, abandon their citizens to chaos and blame it all on the president offering to stop it, that's quite laughable.

I know what the media say. But I also know real people know what is really going on in their streets, no matter what cnn says, and few can trust the media today. Around 30% in the US still believe the media, but after this summer, maybe 25% or less I would guess. That cartoon will work for Cartoonmovement, no worries on that. But for me and the people who see their cities burn... no.

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