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Jasper the Cat and Gaza

Here is a cartoon of Jasper the Cat grappling with the Israeli and Hamas conflict in Gaza.

I was inspired to do this cartoon when I read an article about a controversy involving Jonathan Glazer and his speech at the Oscars (https://www.thedailybeast.com/jonathan-glazers-oscar-speech-reflected-t…). From what I understand, Glazer was commenting on how the dehumanization of both sides of the conflict is excusing terrible atrocities.

One side is dehumanizing the atrocities committed against the innocent Israeli victims of October 7.

The other side is dehumanizing the suffering and deaths of innocent Palestinian victims of Israel's indiscriminate bombing of Gaza.

I also think Glazer was making the point that Israel's oppression of the Palestinian people is in the long run dehumanizing for both the Israelis and Palestinians.

If I'm understanding Glazer correctly, I agree with his 3 points. Which is why I am surprised that it is causing so much controversy. I think part of the controversy is that Glazer's comments were worded in such an awkward way that it was easy for people to misinterpret what he meant.

If people perfectly well understood what Glazer said and still took offense, then my own opinions on the conflict are more controversial than I realize.

I just feel a deep ambivalence about the conflict. I don't like Hamas and I do not like Netanyahu.

I just want the killings to stop.

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Thanks Granuaile. It's difficult to make cartoons when you feel conflicted about a subject. But you're right that it's important to use our cartoons to denounce the ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

I feel the same dear Angelo, for me it' s really difficultà tò approach this dramatic moments...

How I feel as well. I will never support Hamas and what it did October 7, but I also will never support the Netanyahu government's indiscriminate response and the ethnic cleanseing being carried out in Gaza and the West Bank...

Thanks Enrico. I feel a deep ambivalence about the conflict and really struggled to come up with a single panel cartoon about the conflict. A lot of cartoonists have been doing better cartoons on the Gaza conflict than I have.

I thought I deleted this cartoon because when I uploaded it, it looked too small on the screen for anyone to read. But if people can read it and people like it, I'll keep it.

I hope things are well with you.

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