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I'm glad you like being a little dictator Falco... Then assume it and please stop pretending to be on the side of "democracy" with your sugar coated imagery.

One view imposed on others by force or by removing dissent, and supporting such censorship... Good for you Alex., you're one of them.
Thank you Predrag.
I'm surprised to see how hostile this site is with a different viewpoind, and ... facts.
It mostly rushes from one smear campaign to another while having contests on peace, love and justice, haha!
There is too much hostility on CM for me to counter alone but it seems I did enough to get myself quarantined, Haha!

Dear friends,
I 90% disagree with the views of NEMØ.
If NEMØ's comments are hate speech, I would be happy for NEMØ to be so influential, to produce consequences and close to those produced by any current politicians, powerful people or religious extremists.
True satire and caricature - cartons ( from the Italian word caricare - to load, to charge ) is based on exaggeration of reality, to bizarreness, in order to point out the essence of the problem.
Cartooning is not love poetry.
If the time has come for us all to have the same view of reality and for everyone to think alike, goodbye to free speech!
Happy cartooning!

¡Ay, que bobo este!

"The site advocates tolerance in some cartoons. But this is only in pictures ... It's a shame. Blocking is not a method of polemics. This is an argument of weakness ..."
Wow, perfectly said Vlad.

Сайт в некоторых мультиках ратует за толерантность. Но это только в картинках... Досадно. Блокировка это не метод полемики. Это аргумент слабости...

Thank you Mother Theresa

Dear Drawde can't draw, send your best wishes to your friend Tjeerd instead.
I can see you smirk. Your friends will inevitably shut you up one day too, when they start they can't stop. I laugh in advance.
Funny how you propagandists pretend to be the good guys while you cancel anyone disagreeing with you... You wouldn't have to if you were defending the truth.

We love you Nemo
We hope you find peace
We welcome the day you see the light
Happy Thanksgiving

The Editor's note is biased. The decision of blocking me was unspecified. Most reading my comments here will agree that despite firm discussions, I attack the ideas and not the person, but I can return a slap when needed.
- "Agressive" according to what criteria? Your complainers simply disliked my criticism for "polluting" their precious illustrations. You said. Complaining is enough to be on the right side?
- My "conspiracies" tend to be factual, tend to turn into accepted facts after a while. Your constant smear campaigns tend to be disproven without any correction or apology from anyone here, including you. The story is forgotten and everyone is guided into the next smear campaign. You still run on a 4 year old story that Putin controls Trump for example... Mueller: "No collusion", remember?
- You select KKK cartoons fueling racial hate against american cops as racist kkk monsters (as if black/latino/asian-american cops didn't exist). Where did the KKK you pushed for here really show in these riots ? Nowhere... Thousands of BLM/Antifa violence, not a single white hat. Who's conspiracy, your fetish?
- When I tested your fairness by complaining on real agressive insults on Peter and me by l american trolls doing just that and nothing else, you removed me and left them keep attacking Peter. So very fair of you.
- Removing me until Nov 4 showed a political decision on your part.
- "Fed up" you say, you let emotions run your principles of free speech? Well done master censor. You are a political operative, a propagandist and not a defender of free speech as you pretend to be. Keep pretending that at your conference...

Not so much a political decision as one born out of exasperation. And NEMØ seems to be back to his old behavior again, so chances are he will be blocked again very soon.

After more than five warnings over the course of a year, I did decide to block him for a time. And yes, to follow protocol I should have blocked him for 14 days, but to be honest I was so fed up and tired with his conspiracy comments surrounding the US elections I decided to extend the block.

Editor’s note: NEMØ was indeed blocked, after numerous warnings about his commenting behavior. We received several complaints from fellow cartoonists about the tone of his comments on their work, and have said several times that NEMØ was welcome to upload cartoons that reflected his opinion, instead of aggressively commenting on every single cartoon he did not agree with.

We're in a Trump-hate cartoons site... illustrating the mainstream smear, demonization and brainwash... believing what you're told instead of following the evidence.
I don't expect you to listen to my opinion, I don't care about opinions, I follow evidence, not ideologies.
Here is what an anti-Trump editor does: Tjeerd blocked me from posting here 41 days prior to the US election, until November 4, 1 day after... A political decision obviously. But he pretends to be on the side of freedom of expression, doesn't he?
Trump suporters have been attacked violently for the last 4 years at any public event, called nazis, because that helps beating them without thinking.
Antifa and BLM violences are celebrated, instead of condemned.
The riots are called "peaceful protests" and violences "caused by Trump". But who pays the rioters and their bail outs, dems, who doesn't condemn the violences? Dems. People killed in the streets. cops shot and killed randomly, reporters following Antifa and BLM attacked, black cops called "traitors" attacked and killed by whitey BLM/Antifa. Very nice people.
Follow what you're told , believe the hoaxes, the smear, and hate campaigns, condemn on allegations without waiting for evidence, forget the facts disproving the allegations, never post a correction or an apology for being wrong. That is what is done here and elsewhere by our "liberal" media.
At the same time pretending to defend press freedom and carrying anti-racist contests while fueling racial division and anti-american sentiment (that's not racist?).
Pretty hypocrite and disgusting.
So that's what this site might have for you the day you strongly disagree with one of their important agendas: censorship. If you insist, they'll bully you.
So, sure, you can believe these people are better than Trump. The guy didn't put any journalist in jail, even those calling for his assassination live on TV, he could have. So, I suppose he is not good at being the dictator your fiends believe he is based on what... constant media brainwash.
But Obama was a saint, "not a single scandal" they say, a Peace Nobel prize with 6 wars added... The worst president ever for press freedom, he jailed more whistleblowers than all the US presidents combined. spyed on AP journalists, etc, and Biden was his VP...
So, if you believe Joe is great, good for you...

Nemo, and do you really believe that the best solution for the United States and the world is Trump?

also laughable:
- the count freezing around midnight
- 600 000 votes ahead for trump in Philadelphia, 130 000 in Michigan, 400 000 in Wisconsin... then all unobserved votes coming for Biden, a statistical impossibility
- Voting machine glitches all favouring Biden
- more votes than registered voters
- votes without ID
- votes counted without signature
- etc

Excuse the number, it was a mistake.

Excellent, the last straw is hearing the lawyer who leads Donald Trump's legal offensive say that the fraud in the United States elections is the fault of "a company owned by affiliates of Chávez and Maduro." His partner, Sidney Powell, went a step further and claimed "to have evidence" that the fraud "came from Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, Hugo Chávez, Cuba and China." It is laughable, the degree of impotence, of not accepting the defeat of the Republics.

Flying on a stolen election is not very patriotic, I doubt the bald eagle would let Biden get on his back.

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