African Union Human Rights Memorial

African Union Human Rights Memorial

2014 – African Union

Initiated by the African Union in a resolution dating back to 2004, the African Union Human Rights Memorial (AUHRM) is meant to become a memorial for remembering mass atrocities in Africa. 'AUHRM should manifest both the duty to remember, provide a place of recognition as well as mourning and the duty to overcome denial, silence and disregard.'

Special attention is given to the victims of the former central prison Alem Bekagn in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where where thousands of people suffered and died. The headquarters of the African Union are located where this prison once stood.

The AUHRM will incorporate permanent memorials to the Rwanda Genocide, Apartheid and slavery, and temporary exhibits to memorialize human rights violations across the continent.

Cartoon Movement was asked to produce a series of five illustrations based on AUHRM slogans, to be used in the promotion of this project. We felt this assignment would be handled best by an African cartoonist, and asked Kenyan artist Victor Ndula to take this commission.

Work from cartoonists