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Cartoons in the classroom

Teaching visual literacy with political cartoons

Political cartoons are a powerful form of communication. With a few simple lines, cartoonists convey their thoughts on society, on those in power, and on subjects like human rights, the environment and inequality. In class, cartoons are a great way to teach students about the power of visuals and the importance of challenging power and addressing injustice and corruption.

Our website offers offers a broad range of editorial cartoons from all over the globe; these can all be licensed for use in class. We do ask for a small fee for use of our cartoons to keep this website running, and to be able to pay our cartoonists. We also offer workshops, online or offline, where a cartoonist will talk to your students about his or her work and cartoons in general and (optionally) teach them to draw cartoons themselves. If you want to know more, please get in touch by emailing us at

(Photo credit: Anda van Riet)

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