The art of resistance

The art of resistance

2017 - Four Freedoms Throughout The Year/Year of Resistance

In 2017, we organized an international cartoon competition with the theme resistance. Resistance is not a simple choice. The outcome of resistance is never clear, and the consequences of such a decision could be dire, to you, or, perhaps even worse, to your family.

Great ideals such as (fighting for) freedom, democracy and human rights are often associated with resistance, but perhaps the human conscience is the most important motivator for us to take action, to resist when we see our fellow humans facing injustice and or repression. Not resisting out of a love for exalted values, but out of a sense of responsibility for the people around you.

We received a total 1781 submissions from 76 countries. The jury selected 57 cartoons, including 9 honorable mentions and 3 winners.

The jury consisted of Hajo, a well-known Dutch cartoonist, Saskia van Loenen, chairperson of Pers & Prent (a foundation promoting political cartoons and organizer of the yearly Dutch cartoon award Inktspotprijs) and Michiel van Hattem, president of vfonds, a Dutch NGO with a focus on peace.

You can see the three winners below. To see all 57 cartoons that were included in the cartoon exhibition, visit our blog.

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