Amir Reza Torkaman Rahmani is,civil engineer , iranian cartoonist .He was born in 1992 in tehran ,he recivied his m.s in civil from islamic azad university tehran north branch in 2019. He began drawing cartoon in 2004 as cartoonist. His cartoons and caricatures are published in some newspapers and magazines in iran and some countries, and he has won many prize from cartoon and caricature festivals.

Awards :
1.First Prize of the Workshop for Blessing in portraituree design (2008)
2.First Prize of the Workshop for Arts and Creativity in Portraiture design (2007)
3.Second Prize of the First National Cartoonika Cartoon and Caricature Festival in the portraiture (2017)
4.Bronze prize of the 13th international cartoon festival and illustration festival for the protection of the Enviroment ,china 2019
5.Excellence prize of the 29th international Suceava Bucovina cartoon festival ,2019
6.Excellence Prize of the 12th Iternational Cartoon and Illustration Festival for the Protection of the Environment , china(2017)
7.Selected prize of the 5th Biennial Panela International Cartoon, Portugal (2016)
8. Selected prize of the Jury of the 14th International Cartoon and Caicature Festival , Syria (2018)
9.Selected prize of the Jury of the 15th International Cartoon and Competition, Kosovo (2018)
10.honoray Diploma of the Welt Heimat International Cartoon Festival, Germany (2019)
11.honoray Diploma of the SICACO International Cartoon Festival , South Korea (2018)
12.honoray Diploma of the Cebu International cartoon Festival, Philippines (2019)
13.honoray Diploma of the Kelantan International cartoon Exhibition,malaysian (2019)
14.selected of the Humor Gallarate interntional cartoon festival,italy (2019)
15.selected of the first international caricature festival ,syria(2019)
16. honoray Diploma of the Piracicababa International Cartoon Festival, Brazil (2019)

Group Exhibitions :
• Wonderful Cartoon International Exhibition? wonder world, Japan (2018)
• International Animals cartoon Exhibition, Serbia (2018)
• International Tobacco Cartoon Exhibition,Indonesia (2017)
• International Brain Sneezing Cartoon Exhebition , Slovakia (2018)
• International Cakovec Cartoon Exhibition,croatian (2018)
• International kelantan cartoon Exhibition ,malasiyan (2019)
• International Humo Deva cartoon and caricature Exhibitions ,Romania(2019)
• National chelegi cartoon and caricature Exhibition,iran (2019)
• National nowruz cartoon Exhibition,iran(2019)