My name is Jean Gouders, I’m born in 1962 in the Netherlands. I’m married and I have two daughters I consider myself strictly non-religious. Politically one could say I’m leftish...but then again, I’m allergic for religions, ideologies or movements who claim that they have all the answers and truths.

From a very young age on, I have been drawing and I loved cartoons since the first one I saw, and I knew, that’s what I want to do when I’m grown-up!

Human rights always have had my sympathy. I worked for the Dutch and the Belgian Amnesty International magazines. At this moment I publish a weekly cartoon in the regional newspaper; Dagblad de Limburger. Besides that I did and do cartoons and caricatures for numerous clients and projects.

I visit several cartoon-festivals every year. Here I have met many colleagues from all over the world. Many of whom became good friends.

Techniques?: Any, traditional as well as digital, all with one goal, get the message through as clear as possible. But preferably with HUMOUR!

Cartoons are a very strong medium with a huge impact, for they can compress a complex problem or issue into one image, that can enlighten you, make you laugh, or make you angry. A good cartoon should provoke a reaction. Anyway, cartoons do seem to matter! If we look at the international reactions, with the Danish cartoon affair and many other examples, it seems that certain groups are not amused! In fact they seem to be so scared by the possible impact cartoons could have, if we look at the nature of the actions against cartoons and cartoonists. I’m worried about tendencies,that want to reduce freedom of speech and expression! I'm also chairman of the Dutch Cartoonist Organisation “de TULP/FECO Holland”