Was born 1949 in Leningrad. Has finished LETI. The first publication - 1973 in magazine "Aurora". The first international award - in 1974, Skoplje (Yugoslavia). In total has 20 international awards (Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Poland etc.) It was published in a press of Germany, the USA, Israel, Estonia, the CIS. It is awarded by the national professional award «Gold Ostap» in 1992 With 1975 on 1985 was the secretary of Club of the Leningrad caricaturists. Has published 5 books in the Samizdat (1980-1985), «Bitte recht freundlich» 1987, 1990, Eulenspiegel, Berlin, «Such affairs» 1991 "Lyres" of SPb, "Nuance" 1996, "Ford" of SPb. Personal exhibitions:1989 “Gallery 10-10” Leningrad, 1990 Zurich and 1991 Schwyz (Switzerland). As a part of group of caricaturists participated in two exhibitions «NJET PROBLEM!» In Germany: Munich (1995) and Berlin (1996). Many caricatures are in private collections of Germany, Switzerland, the USA. The participant of an exhibition of a caricature "Confrontation" in the State Russian museum in 1996 Some years worked as the artist on carnivals in Nice (France). In 2005 left film BBC about V.Bogorade. SPb vedomosti ", The Moscow Times " works as the artist-caricaturist in newspapers"
The last 25 years, participating in international exhibitions, as a member of the jury. Over the past four years has organized four international exhibitions in St. Petersburg.