Engin Selçuk is a Turkish cartoonist, born in 1975 in Hamburg, Germany. He lives in a small town in İzmir. He has participated in several exhibitons and festivals. He received sixtyy-five awards from national and international cartoon contests.

Some of his latest international awards:
1st Prize in 38th AD Cartoon Contest (2022)
3rd Prize in International Tourism Cartoon Festival (2022)
1st Prize in 11th Cyprus Cartoon Festival (2022)
3rd Prize in 60th Knokke-Heist Cartoon Festival Belgium (2021)
Best Cartoon in Brazil 17th Salao International Humor De Limeira (2021)
Theme Prize in Ecosphere 1.5C Russia (2021)
Bronze Prize in Sicaco Korea (2020)
Honourable Mention in World Press Cartoon Portugal (2020)
Honourable Mention and Public Award in Brasil 46º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba (2019)
Mention in Cuba 18th Salón Internacional de Humorismo Gráfico Santa Clara (2018)
1st prize in Brasil 9th Salão Medplan de Humor (2017)
1st prize in Cyprus 5th Olive Cartoons Festival (2016)
2nd prize in Belgium 55th Knokke-Heist Cartoon Festival (2016)