Alla and Chavdar are political cartoonists and co-publishers of the political satirical publication Prass Press, which comes out every two weeks in Sofia and is distributed throughout Bulgaria.

Alla and Chavdar Georgievi work together cartoons and caricatures since 1982. They have won 40 national and international awards including the Grand Prix for Cartoon of the Union of Bulgarian Artists for 2008 and the Prize of Sofia Municipality for 2010.

They have realized 7 individual exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad, among them: House ofHumor and Satire, Gabrovo (2005),  Ethnographic Museum, Plovdiv (2005), Center for Contemporary Art Shipka 6, Sofia (2006), Center for Art Development, Kiev, Ukraine (2006), Osten Gallery, Skopje (2015), House of Culture, Prilep, Macedonia (2015). They published the author’s book for cartoons and caricatures "Driven out Eden" (2005). They are authors of over 60 book covers dedicated to humor and satire. Their works are owned by prestigious national and international museums, galleries and
private collections, among them: Basel Museum of Cartoon - Switzerland, House of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo, Sofia City Art Gallery. Their works have been published both in the Bulgarian periodical press and in popular humor editions such as Witty World - USA, Oulenshpigel - Germany, Spillki – Poland.
They have collaborated with a number of magazines, including BM-Economist and Intelligent Life. From 2011 to 2016, they work at daily newspaper Novinar. From 2017 they are cofounders and the members of the editorial office in the political satirical newspaper Prass Press.