Petar Pismestrović was born in Sremska Mitrovica, former Yugoslavia, in 1951. After graduation, he studied political science in Zagreb, and since 1970 he has been working as a professional cartoonist.

In addition to working for more than 100 newspapers, magazines, and internet portals and magazines, he organized more than 50 exhibitions of his own works in the former Yugoslavia and Austria, participated in numerous cartoon exhibitions and festivals around the world, and won six first prizes, twice in Tolentino (Italy), Deva (Romania), Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) and in Priština (Kosovo), as well as the second prize in Seoul (Korea), the "Excellence Prize" in Tokyo (Japan) and the Special Prize in Istanbul (Turkey ) and twice in Germany.

One of the founders of the Croatian Society of Cartoonists (HDK). Pismestrović has been working for Kleine Zeitung (Austria) since 1992. His works have been published in magazines and newspapers such as Nebelspalter (Switzerland), Le Monde,  Courrier International (France), New York Times (USA), International Herald Tribune (France), Cicero (Germany ).  and many others.

Apart from 10 books of his own cartoons, his works have been published in various other books such as "The Finest International Cartoons Of Our Time" (USA), Marylin in Art, Madonna in Art (UK), "The Big Book of Bush " (USA), "The best political cartoons of the year" (USA) "Eurospott" (Germany).

He also did illustrations for various books, posters, album covers, and mascots. Pismestrović has been an Austrian citizen since 1996.