Born in Peru, 1956. Graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist, director and producer of animated films.

CEO of the international cartoon contest La Sonrisa Moche, Trujillo 2014, and the international cartoon contest La Sonrisa Inca, Cusco 2018.


First Prize, Logo Home Architect, 1981;
Third Prize, Poster 17 Pan American Congress of Architects, 1982;
First Prize, Poster 1 ° National Congress of Students of Architecture, 1983;
First Prize, Poster V Peruvian Architecture Biennale, 1983;
Second Prize, Poster V Peruvian Architecture Biennale, 1983;
Honorable Mention, 1st Biennial of Graphic Humor, Italian Cultural Institute, 1984;
First Prize, Poster 40th Anniversary of the UN, representing Peru, 1985;
Third Prize, Poster American Award Education "Andrés Bello" of the OAS, 1986;
Second Prize, National Cartoon Contest, the newspaper CORREO Arequipa, 1987;
Honorable Mention, Biennial of Cartoon Sports, Ancona, Italy, 1991;
Honorable Mention in BOSTOONS, Boston International Comedy Festival 2010;
Honorable Mention in the 6th Salon of Humor Paraguaçu Paulista Free Cartoon category, Brazil 2010; Third Prize in the Internationale Sportcartoonale Zemst - London 2012 Olympic Games, Belgium, 2012; Honorable Mention in the 8th International Contest of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden, Luxemburgo 2015;
Honorable Mention in the International Contest Cartoon Braila, Romania 2017;
Honorable Mention in the 20th 2018 Porto Cartoon World Festival, Portugal 2018;
First Prize, 12th Don Quichotte International Cartoon Contest, Turkey 2020.