Payam Pourfallah

Born in 1988 / Isfahan - Iran
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering
• Director of Isfahan Cartoon House
• Editor of Nimroz Cartoon Comic Monthly
• Printing works in more than 50 newspapers, magazines and books of selected works of national and international festivals
• Instructor of Isfahan Arts Center
• Official member of the Isfahan Journalists Association
• Member of the jury of several national and provincial festivals
• Selected the National Festival of Hazrat Ali Akbar (PBUH) as the young elite of the province
• Acquiring the title of selected artist and allocating a virtual gallery on the website of the Dutch institute "Parsaban"
• Setting up 5 solo exhibitions in Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan, Isfahan University of Technology and Majlisi Azad University.
• Member of the Association of Young Elites and Young Consultants of Isfahan Province (until 1992)
• Has management training certificates from the Elite Center
• Participate in several festivals and exhibitions and win awards such as:
- Honorary plaque and statue of the youngest professional participant in Kashan "Citizenship Education" festival, 2001
- The fourth prize of the 15th International Festival "Olens Cartoon" Belgium, 2003
- The second prize of the 11th Iranian Press Festival, Tehran, 2004
- The first prize of the national festival "A day without water" in Isfahan, 2004
- The best award of the two seasons of "Ling Mu" festival in China, 2004 and 2005
- Award of the winner of the 23rd Student Art Festival all over the country, Arak 2005
- The first prize of Isfahan "Tooba Branch" National Festival, 2006
- The winner of the second cultural and artistic festival "Celebration of Nafs" Tehran, 2006
- Selected six periods of Isfahan Province Press Festival, 2007-2002
- Silver Award of the 4th Syrian Cartoon Festival, Syria, 2008
- Silver Award of the 6th Syria Cartoon Festival, Syria 1389
- Second Prize of the 2010 Syria Cartoon International Festival (Silver badge among 404 cartoonists around the world)

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