He is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, majoring in painting.

Professional activity in the field of drawing and painting - illustration - cartoons and caricatures - and two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation.

Collaboration with the press: Kayhan Cartoon Magazine - Hamshahri Newspapers and Magazines - Iran Newspaper - Tavana Newspaper - - Jam Jam Newspaper - Persian Comic Magazine - Home and Family Magazine and ...

Training in cartoon design and techniques in Iran Cartoon House since 1999 (2000).

Holding several solo exhibitions in Tehran 2014-2015 and Istanbul 1998 and participating in several group exhibitions 2015 Tehran 2015 Damascus Syria

Winning first place at the Luxembourg International Cartoon Competition on "Artificial Intelligence"2021

Winning fourth place in the International Cartoon Competition on Road Safety, Malaysia 2021

First prize at Columbia National University 2021 Graphic Comics World Championships

Third Prize in the International Biennial of Graphic Comics, Cuba, 2021

Special Award of the Mayor of Legnica from the Satrikon Poland International Cartoon Competition 2020

International Competition for the Second Prize of the University of Nairobi and the East African Cartoon Association (Kenya) 2019

Second prize in the Artonist 2021 International Seasonal Competition

Winner of Special Prize for Sticker Design Competition (iGap) 2020

Receive certificates of appreciation from Turkey, Belgium, Philippines, Japan, Croatia, Kosovo, etc.

First prize at the UNESCO International Cartoon Competition in 1997

Winner of the first prize in the international competition entitled (Palestine)

Winner of the first Tehran Cartoon Biennial Award in 2005 from the public point of view

Winner of Tehran Biennial Cartoon Special Statue, Ninth Volume with the Subject (Immigration)

Winner of the first prize in the international competition in the field of mobile (productivity) in 2007

Winner of the second prize in the thematic section of the International Cartoon Biennial Cartoon Festival 2013

Winner of the third prize in international competitions with the theme (MS) 1393

Winner of a special prize in international competitions on the subject (Gaza) 1393

Winner of the second prize in the competition for more children, happier lives in 2015

Winner of honorary diploma from Melansereddin Turkey Competition 1998, free subject

Winner of the third prize of "Nehrtoblek" Turkey with the theme (chivalry) 1998

Winner of the Turkish Press Special Award at the 1999 Melansereddin International Competition

Winner of Tehran Biennial commendation plaque and statue in 2001 with the subject (pen)

Winner of the Domestic Press Award from 1995-1996-1997 at the International Press Fair

Judging several domestic and international cartoon and cartoon festivals

Judging of the Visual Arts Festival 2008

Judging of Tehran International Biennial Cartoon Festival 2009

Judging of Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts 2009 (Selection Committee)

Judging of Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts 2009 (judging)

Judging of the International Festival of Smiling Cats of Azerbaijan - (Jury) 1390

Judging of the International Biennial Cartoon Festival 2013

Judging of Gaza International Festival 1393

Judging of Tabriz International Cartoon Festival

And ...