Name: Yassin Al-khalil (1964) Syria C.V
e secretary of The council of fine artist in Damacus Ths - Syria 2010
Member of The council of fine art in Damascus for the union of fine artists in Syria
A degree in fine arts from Damascus university in 1989 – Optical communication and media branch (Advertising)
Participated in many of international exhibitions and the most important ones were held in : London 1990 - Amman 1990 – Cairo 1990 – Beirut 1991
An award-winning of many Arabian and international awards , The most important ones were :
*The 1996 first ranked journalism award of Ali and Othman hafez that The marketing and research group of KSA provides (Al-sharq newspaper) in Caricature
*The first ranked award for caricature in an international competition for the year of 1990 in London
*The first ranked award in Caricature for The competition of The As-safir Lebanese newspaper in Beirut in 1989
¬¬*Many certificates of appreciation from many different countries
The most important newspaper that I have published my works in :
*A caricature artist for (El-Wattan newspaper) Muscat. Oman since 1996
*A caricature artist for The Syrian news paper ( Tishreen newspaper ) since 2001
*A caricature artist for The Lebanese newspaper (AS-safir newspaper) since 1993 until 1997
*A caricature artist for The Qatari newspaper (Al-sharq newspaper ) Doha. Since 2000 until The eleventh month of 2001
*A caricature artist for The daily newspaper in London (Al-mostaqela) since 1995 until 2002