As a cartoonist and illustrator, collaboration with various Iranian newspapers and magazines such as: Āftābgardān, Gol Āghā, Sobh-e Emrooz, Shargh, Bayān-e No, Zan, Tassvir, Film, Payām-e Daryā, Andisheh Gostar-e Saipa, Farāz, Eetemād-e Melli, Negāh-e No, Dāstān/ Hamshahrī, Tamāshāgarān, Eetemād, Khabar & etc.
Diploma of Honor from the 19th International Biennial of Humor│Italy 1997
Crystal Trophy and Diploma of Honor from the National Festival of Young Designers│Iran 1997
Diploma of Honor from the First International Festival of Golden Mouflon│Cyprus 1997
Diploma of Honor from the Second Comprehensive Festival of Blue Sky│Iran 1998
Special Award of the First International Anti-drug Trafficking Competition, for the anthology│Iran 1998
Diploma of Honor from the first International Hooliganism Competition│Iran 1999
Diploma of Honor and Humor prize from the International Courage Competition│Taiwan 2000
Diploma of Honor from the Comprehensive Ozone-layer Competition│Iran 2000
The First Award of Gol Âghâ International Competition with the Theme of Road│Iran 2003
The Second Prize of the Sixth International Cartoon Biennial of Tehran│Iran 2003
The Third Award of F. C. W World Film Festival, China│2003
The Third Award of F. C. W World Film Festival, China│2004
Diploma of Honor from the First Comprehensive Shipping Competition│Iran 2006
Selected Illustrator of the 43rd Bologna International Book Fair│Italy 2009
Selected Illustrator of the 5th Festival of Creative Picture Books│Spain 2011
The Best Illustrator of Books of the Young Adults Age Group from the 16th Festival of Children’s’ and Young Adults Books of the Center of Institute of the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults│Iran 2013
Illustrating The Delusions of Friday Night│2004
Illustrating Tales for Adults│Gol Âghâ Publication│2005
Illustrating Gun Playing│Rozaneh Publication│2010
Illustrating The Organization of the United Teapots│Ofoq Publication│2012
Illustrating Maybe This Book is a Killing Gadget│Ofoq Publication│2012
Illustrating Take Air of Me but not Power│Ofoq Publication│2012
Illustrating Dancing with Slaves│Ofoq Publication│2012
Illustrating These Lovely Zeros│Ofoq Publication│2012
Illustrating Why All Cows are in This Color? │Ofoq Publication│2012
Illustrating Who Called Asghar? │Ofoq Publication│2012
Illustrating How will I Behave When Shooting Starts? │Ofoq Publication│2012
[As a Jury Member]
Member of the jury for the Comprehensive Hygiene Caricature Fair│2004
Member of the jury of the International Completion of Picturing School Books│2004
Member of the jury of the Eighth Festival of the Picture of the Year│2011-2012
Holding three individual exhibitions and taking part in several group

Find him more in his official website on www.karimzadehstudio.com and his instagram account: www.instagram.com/_mahdikarimzadeh_