Cartoon showing the outside of a cinema titled '2024'. Movie posters decorate the wall, showing what is playing now and what is coming soon. The posters are titled Gaza (a hand sticking out of a sea of blood), In the trenches (showing exhausted Ukrainian soldiers in a trench), Fascism returns (showing a giant boot stomping on refugees), Push (showing a finger about to push a nuclear button), Orange horror 2 (showing a monster in the shape of Trump) and BBQ (showing the earth being roasted).
7500 x 5357 px
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World cinema

Movies to see this year.

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This perfectly sums up 2024. Incredible cartoon for a year with so many challenges ahead.

Thanks guys! It's sad that the world is facing all these tragedies, but from a creative point of view it was satisfying to design these movie posters.

A cartoon expressing our painful reality...the world has become scary

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