Syrian Civil Disobedience symbolized by the defying stand of a young man in the face of Bashar Al Assad
3712 x 4928 px

Syrian Civil Disobedience (As-Suwayda)

Amidst the escalating injustice, poverty, inequality, and the tightening grasp of Assad's militias within the remaining territories of Syria, coupled with the alarming proliferation of the Captagon Narcotic, a poison distributed through Assad's network across Syria and impacting the youth of neighboring nations, a second wave of the Syrian Revolution has surfaced against Bashar Al Assad. Remarkably, this time it originated in the Southern Syrian city of As-Suwayda, also known as Jabal Al Arab. This Civil Disobedience stands as a testament to the enduring fight against tyranny, serving as a poignant reminder that the spirit of revolution remains unwavering.

In admiration of this remarkable endeavor, I pay my respects to this peaceful revolution through this piece.

P.S. The star on the man's shirt symbolizes the Durzi Faith.

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