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Republican Presidential Primary Debate #2

Just picture a ridiculous tube man flailing outside of a used car lot…….. that was Debate #2 which hopefully the international community missed.

But in case you are curious....
As good as some of the questions were…. A FEW THAT REG. FOX VIEWERS HAVE NEVER HEARD BEFORE… any meaningful answers were jumbled or redirected. Between the yelling, talking over
Each other, much too rehearsed sound bites and one liners, lack of substance, cringe-worthy answers, White bread Mike Pence
Tim Scott admitting he has experienced racism but then saying
There is no racism in the USA, DeSantis…. Being DeSantis and the ever obnoxious Vivek Ramaswamy just opening his yap …… it was the longest (and possibly most chaotic) 2 hours anyone should stomach. If these names are unfamiliar..... consider yourself lucky.

All of trump’s recent fraud charges, his 90+ indictments, his calls to kill Gen. Milley and his threats
Warranting a possible gag order from a NY judge, were MIA by the candidates.
To them it doesn’t make sense to go after the front runner? That shows their lack of seriousness.

Yup…… the trump won this debate...... by not showing up.
God help us all.

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