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There's a lot of stuff I don't understand.
But I can discern that populism is not a big deal when it comes to driving the destinies of the "common good". Like soap scum that seems thick, it soon fades into liquid reality. Sooner or later populism loses its way and collapses.
I remember this gentleman, Nigel Farage, orchestrated the opaque referendum that led the departure of the U. K. from the bosom of the U.E., inflated himself and led his "tory" party, calling it the "Brexit party". Once the exit was consummated, the "Tories" rebranded it to the "Reform UK" party. The people in their holy wisdom shortened the term to "RefUK". Now, Farage himself retired from political scene (he says... these kinds of people are "intermittent").
I may not understand a lot of things but I know that every circus has their own clowns and the British, in the hard times they are living today and in the adversities they face well, can be proud of their "troupe".

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