Cartoon showing a graveyard with a group of people from Gaza standing among the tomb stones. One says: ‘Are you sure this is the evacuation zone?’ Another one replies: ‘That’s what they said…’
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue the war against Hamas amid international condemnation of an air strike that killed scores of Palestinians in Rafah on Sunday. Check out our collection for more cartoons.

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Associations and groups and organizations that protect human security all over the world (except Europe and America and wherever it helps them)

Arabs and Sunnis have been hostile to Iranians for centuries because of their racial and religious prejudices, but now they are helping the Jews so that Iran cannot save the Arabs.
One day, a group of Arabs angrily said to Amir al-Mu'minin Ali (AS) that why there is no difference between Arabs and non-Arabs in your justice? Ali said: If today you attacked the Iranians in the name of Islam, the day will come when the Iranians will attack you because of Islam.

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