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Pay Up Don

Trump only cares about his brand and $$$$… so it will feel like jail time being hit with a $83.3 million judgment when a JURY found him guilty of defamation AGAIN after being adjudicated a RAPIST in May (forget the soft pedal…. Sexual assault in this case was deemed RAPE). Natch he will appeal, but he has to put up $$$$ of judgment to do so. Perhaps this week trump will get another hit to the pocketbook via the NY tax fraud case . Maybe Saudi billionaire son-in-law Jared can loan him some bucks.

FINALLY the law is applying to him.... and natch this republican front runner (think about that for a minute... a lying rapist, conman is one party's almost candidate for president) is yelling WITCH HUNT... RIGGED JUSTICE SYSTEM.
Sadly……. His Christian followers do not care that he is a RAPIST & LYING CHEAT.

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