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For Nika Shakarami

For Nika Shakarami who was killed in the most brutal way by the Islamic Regime!
17 years old ⁦‪#Nika_Shakarami‬⁩, was vanished during ⁦‪#IranProtests‬⁩. After a week-long search, her family was given the dead body with her face fully smashed & her skull broken from multiple blows & Stiches from Her chest down to her stomach.

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Now, instead of seeing the cruelty that the Islamic Republic is doing to the people, you are looking to show Israel as a barbarian!? The Islamic Republic is slaughtering its own people! Nika is not the only victim of these killers, many young people are being killed in these protests.

When the Israelis return bodies to the Palestinians there are stitches from sternum to pubis. The cavity is stuffed with whatever they had on hand to fill it after removing everything else.

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