Six months into the Russia-Ukraine conflict
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The legacy of war (in the making)

Six months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is still no end in sight. At some point, like all wars, the present conflict will end, although it may take decades before the damage is repaired.

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Плюролизм мнений - одно из необходимых условий демократии. Как необходимость - приходится объяснять...

Dear Oleksiy, it saddens me that a fellow cartoonist, specially one as good as yourself (I’m an admirer of your fine work) would have such a reaction to a cartoon. Even more taking into account that the message there is supposed to be the opposite to your interpretation. My cartoon metaphorically compares Ukraine to a victim of domestic violence, making very clear who the aggressor is. And sends a look to the future, with the message that these tragic events that sadly are taking place in your beautiful country may leave wounds that can take generations to close. That’s all that is, my friend. Not an attack on Ukraine. On the contrary. And I’m sure the Cartoon Movement team was able to read that as well, and that’s why they chose the cartoon. They wouldn’t otherwise.
I admit though that for someone in Ukraine, who sees everything happening from the front row, the sensitivity to all sorts of strong images and indirect messages must be very high, which can easily cause divergent interpretations. But, please, think very well if boycotting a fellow cartoonist’s work is the best answer, even if you’re sure it has a view you disagree with. Our work is already target of too many attacks from outside. A plurality of views is a good, not a bad thing to have inside a class. Take care, Oleksiy. I wish all the best to you and that your country may find peace again soon

Terrible cartoon! Terrible choice of platform "cartoon movement"! This cartoon offends Ukrainians! Shame!

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