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It's official.

4 years being harassed and ostracized for cartooning the truth.
But you cannot hide truth for a long time. Only 4 years.

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That session is with MTG, who is a far-right Republican who pushes conspiracy theories like the false claim that forest fires in California were started by Jewish space lasers.
1/ NIAID funded a project in Tunisia that studied a vaccine to prevent leishmaniasis from sand flies but did not support the specific research shown in MTG's photo. Funding for grants is done by several levels of committees. Fauci would not have personally signed off on a small grant like that.
2/ The NIH funds billions of dollars per year of research. Some of that research is patentable. Almost all of the $710 million that MTG quoted went back to the US government. You can verify it from NIH's web site.
3/ MTG intentionally confuses the use of different types of masks to slow the spread of covid vs giving high level protection from covid. For anyone who believes masks are useless, ask why doctors and nurses have been wearing masks in hospitals for the last century.
4/ Nothing that MTG said has any bearing on the effectiveness of covid vaccinations, which is the point of your cartoon.

"Fauci Owning half of the patent of Moderna vaccine" -- Fauci has no financial stake in covid vaccinations. Your false claim and other similar claims have been fact checked multiple times, for example "Facebook posts falsely claim Dr. Fauci has millions invested in a coronavirus vaccine" https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/apr/15/facebook-posts/facebo…

The US House Oversight Committee is highly partisan and has been working to find people to blame for Trump's failed response to the pandemic. Republicans use the hearings to make unsubstantiated accusations that FoxNews broadcasts.

"big explosion after the official link between miocarditis,pericarditis, blood clots and sudden death due to mRNA injections" -- There is no official link. There was one or two death from the AstraZeneca vaccination (out of about 17 million people vaccinated) but none proven from the mRNA vaccination.

On the other side if you too ignore thinks like Fauci Owning half of the patent of Moderna vaccine since 2019 (way back before the beginning of the so called "pandemic") with more than 500.000 dollars of public taxes or Ursula von der Leyen (president od the european commission) being investigated by the anti-corruption department for buying the vials through his husband's enterprise "orgenesis" via SMS to Albert Bourla (Pfizer CEO) I guess I'm uselessly talking here. Please get properly informed. You might feel ashamed to cover such a big quantity of bigpharma mafia manure here. My time to focus on what is worth now (please, feel free to express here but go easy on spam). Hugs and tic tac for the big explosion after the official link between miocarditis,pericarditis, blood clots and sudden death due to mRNA injections.

I'm sorry to tell you but you seem to be very bad informed or in complete denial my friend. By the way, I'm only reading your last lines, your answers are too long, almost flirting with spam I'd say. Fauci is going to be in jail soon, Pfizer lost the trial that's why they had to reveal what they wanted to hide for 75 years about the toxic product. Everybody knows by now the fraud of a wrongly called "vaccine" which not only didn't inmunised of a non sequenced virus but did'nt even avoid transmission. It seems you've missed the last 2 years of information. Too bad, or maybe ypu're inteionally (and hopelessly) trying to disinform. In any case the scam is already uncovered. It's even on the most prestogious scientific reviews magazine, no way back. It's a countdown to find some responsibles for the biggest attack on public health ever. Too late I guess ;-)

"governments are starting to indemnify the associations of victims od the mRNA vaccine" -- Which governments? First world countries like the US and members of the EU are still recommending covid boosters, and insurance companies are still paying for them. Insurance companies have done the statistics and pay for covid boosters because they work.
AstraZeneca was an old-style vaccination that used a disabled cold virus as a vector. It turned out less effective than the new-style mRNA vaccinations and had more side effects due to the genome of the cold virus. If your problem is with mRNA vaccinations, you should be fine with the AstraZeneca vaccination. It was effective, and if the mRNA vaccinations didn't exist, we would still be using the AstraZeneca vaccination now.
During the start of the pandemic, Trump pressured the CDC to keep the number of cases low, so the CDC refused to buy tests from other countries, and some of the initial batches of CDC tests were bad, but that was resolved within a few weeks. Other countries, South Korea in particular, had no problem with tests.
Some Trump supporters claimed that the fatality rate of covid was low because they claimed that almost everyone had been infected with symptomless covid and the tests were wrong, but the covid waves and the deaths during the waves showed that the tests had correctly shown that most people had not been infected early on.
If there had been no covid vaccination, the pandemic would have continued until almost everyone had been infected. How is being infected with the entire covid genome reproducing inside cells in your body and killing them better than a covid vaccination with a small amount of covid spike protein that stays localized in the injection site, doesn't have the mechanism to reproduce, and is broken down by your immune system within a day?

That really happens indeed, Even the criminal Fauci has recognized that, and it's not casual that those tests were dismissed by CDC on december 2022. Only this, for the pandemic was declared in base of thoses tests would be enough to finish the comedy and put in jail the responsibles. Aztrazeneca is already retired, Pfizer and Moderna (Fauci) is following, but this wont be enpugh. Soeone has tio pay for this. Meanwhile the governments are starting to indemnify the associations of victims od the mRNA vaccine. You should ask yourself why.

"How can you talk about not surviving a so called virus with a 0'05% rate of mortality" -- If you look back to early 2020, the covid case fatality rate was about 3%. It is lower now, but that is thanks to the vaccine because the case fatality rate for vaccinated people is about 1/20 of that for unvaccinated people. The 0.05% case fatality rate is for flu, not for covid. People intentionally confuse them to make the false claim that covid is no worse than flu. Kennedy (I take it that you mean RFK, Jr) is a source of anti-vax misinformation. Nothing that he says can stand any critical questioning, and in interviews, like one on CNN about half a year ago, he denies what he has been recorded saying on video. In any case, how can you believe Kennedy's claim that covid is a militarized weapon and at the same time that covid has a lower fatality rate than flu?
"repeated reviews of thpusends of first class professionals being condemned to ostracism" -- No, there haven't been thousands of medical professional condemned. It is more like about a dozen anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaxxers like Kennedy have cost hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of lives by dissuading people from getting vaccinated. They deserve to be condemned.
"revealing oif what it's official now" -- It remains official that covid is not a militarized weapon, that the mRNA vaccination is effective and ended the pandemic, and that the mRNA vaccination is not any more dangerous than any other vaccination or flu shot.
Lancet publishes about 350 articles per year, which would add up to over 1000 since covid started. Publishing one antivax article out of 1000 does not come close to making antivax official. And reading the article closely, it only suggests that the fatalities were from the vaccination but does not come close to proving it, so the article doesn't really make the point that you think that it does.
Also, you have probably read that in areas with covid vaccination mandates, some people took vaccinations for other people for pay and had no problems after taking a few dozen vaccination in a short period. If the vaccination was even a fraction as dangerous as the article claims, no one could get a few dozen vaccinations and remain in perfect health.
"PCR test" -- The tests are reliable. You can tell because people without covid consistently test negative, and people with covid consistently test positive. The error is only a few percent. If you know anyone who got covid and took pcr tests or rapid antigen tests, you would have seen that they tested positive when they were sick and then eventually tested negative. If the tests were completely unreliable, they would give random results, and that doesn't happen.

PS-How can you talk about not surviving a so called virus with a 0'05% rate of mortality (inferior to an A flu), diagnosed throug PCR test which reliabiñity was already dismissed by CDC on 31st december 2022 (previously dismissed since the beginning bay its own creator Kary Mullis)? Not to forget that this "pandemic" has been named so based on this disable tests by the dishonest modification of WHO (95% subsidized by Bill ¬ Melinda Gates foundation + Rockefeller foundation). Not to forget either that CDC and VAERS recognized too the "method" to collect incidation statistics of victims ...are you informed about all this?...

Let's agree tio disagree. I believe your comment is disinformation, not the most prestigious scientific magazine (for what is worth) or the repeated reviews of thpusends of first class professionals being condemned to ostracism during the last 4 years for revealing oif what it's official now. Time will remember this as the biggest institutional scam in collusion with bigpharma and I believe all of the sectors havong participated of this even with its silence will be appropiatedly judged by history. If you're from the states take a look to Kennedy's reports about militarized "covid". I guess he must be far right, conspiranoid, flat earthis and so on too.Any one not being finances by WEF ans 2030 agenda is, of course. Truth is coming out and noboy can stop this anymore, and those of us who have been silenced, insulted and condemned ti ostracism for soing our job will get back our voice sooner or later. It's only really depressing to see that even a figure like the one of press cartoonist has complied with all this. Hugs.

Miguel, about 5.5 billion people have been vaccinated for covid. The article looks at cases with an average age of 70 and an average time after vaccination of 14 days.
Just to approximate, if you take 5.5 billion people and watch them for 14 days, about 5,500,000 / 70 / 365 * 14 or a little over 3,000 would die by chance in any 14 day period.
The review found 240 deaths that might possibly be attributed to the covid vaccination. That is about one per day over a year, which is a very small signal to detect in an expected number of about 3000 per day.
That is also 240 * 100 / 5500000 or about 0.004% of total vaccinations.
During the pandemic, doctors and hospitals were strained, and they did autopsies only for exceptional cases, so it isn't surprising that the autopsies selected for people who might have been affected by the vaccination, but every single shot or vaccination for diseases, not just covid, has a risk because the vaccination stimulates an immune response that is too much for people in poor health.
As anyone who got an mRNA covid vaccination can attest, your body completely clears the mRNA and spike protein within a day or two. That is how the human immune system works because we are constantly attacked by viruses. The deaths in the report happened on average about 14 days after vaccination, and anything after a few days is unlikely due to the vaccination.
Also, anyone with an immune system so compromised that it couldn't clear the spike protein would have likely caught covid and not survived, because they would have the entire virus replicating inside them, not just a small amount of non-replicating spike protein.
The Lancet article is disinformation, and Makis, one of the authors, also made false claims about deaths of Canadian doctors.

1-The study much more balanced than what TL headlines and you are suggesting.

2- why do I see another illustration than your cartoon when I research the mentioned article ? Did you try to fool us, pretending your cartoon was published in the Telegraph, which is not the case ?

The truth is that the covid vaccination ended the pandemic and saved millions of lives.

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