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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust means SLAUGHTER.
We know the horrible extermination of millions of Jews but during the same time it seems only the newly defined WHITE GERMAN Aryan race was safe.
Colored triangle patches were expected to be worn… torture or death if you didn’t. Under these categories were MANY sub categories: gypsies, prostitutes, free thinkers, the mentally ill, pacifists, vagrants, drug addicts, alcoholics, disabled, autistic, epileptic, the work shy, refugees, transgender, unionists, gentiles who assisted jews ETC.
PLEASE read up on it…. Natch my mind went to the the discrimination, book banning, anti immigrant, anti Semitic actions happening in the USA. They came after my neighbor … I did nothing… then they came after me.

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Jewish supremacists, playing the role of victim while they victimise everyone on the planet.... Zionist Mamzers....

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