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I just got back from a wonderful AAEC cartoonist convention in San Francisco….. and
gladly have taken a 5 day break from posting cartoons…… BUT once I woke up enough to
do a toon was tough because of the horrors of the HAMAS terrorist attack on Israel.

Cartoonists were struggling….. what to focus on???
Was this their 9/11?
What about the intel failure?
So many hardliners … what about Netanyahu’s role?
Was Iran somehow DIRECTLY involved?
Will others get sucked into the war?

But that all can be addressed later……. Bottom line the horror is the scores of innocent
victims in Israel… and later GAZA. PEACE BE DAMNED.
Hamas doesn’t care about the innocent souls on either side.
Remember that. They are all about slaughtering anyone in Israel.
Killing anyone that gets in the way… collateral killing of Palestinians
doesn't concern them... They never wanted a 2 state solution….
It is all about HATE and the elimination of a people. PEACE BE DAMNED.

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