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Good Apple, or bad Apple?

In the name of protecting personal privacy, Apple has repeatedly refused the request of US law enforcement agencies to unlock the criminal's phone. The most famous case was the February 2016 FBI request in a California court to unlock the phones of a pair of terrorists in a massacre case. The terrorists killed 14 people and wounded 22 others in California in December 2015. Apple refused to do so.
In front of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Apple shows a totally different face. For example, Apple assisted the CCP by removing Bible, Quran, and VPN apps that allowed users to circumvent the CCP’s great firewall to access free information. In 2018, Apple handed over all user data logged in Chinese to CCP companies in China, and this transfer also stored the relevant encryption keys in China. Apple also agreed to the CCP's request to review about 10,000 apps in its App Store to identify apps that could be considered offensive by the CCP.

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