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Gavel of Damocles

Holding the highest office in the land grants Trump effective immunity from federal criminal prosecution and gives him wide powers to stymie lawsuits against him and his business. That all changes once he becomes an ordinary citizen again.

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Don the Con has no chance of getting elected in 2024. Americans may be dumb but sometimes we learn. Lost by 3 million & 7 million votes but still got into White House in 2016...thanx Vladimir. We've got safeguards now, more $, & many of Cadet Bone Spurs' pals are rotting in jail so can't vote. Then there's always Death by Big Macs...Age 78 for an unhealthy fatso screams #Time's Up! Bart's drawings of DJT's jowls & sq face brings guffaws...the blubber is also a hoot. Hah!

Excellent Bart! I’m worried he’ll ask for immunity from prosecution in exchange for conceding the Presidency.

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