Cartoon showing the Grim Reaper wearing a shirt with both the Palestinian and the Israeli flag, with a flag that says “Go Hamas” and a flag that says “Go Netanyahu” in each hand, cheering on the war between Israel and Palestine.
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Cheering for both sides

The one happy person in the war. Check out our collection for more cartoons about the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine.

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What Hamas has done is the worst kind of barbarism.

''If Israel put down all of its guns tomorrow every Jew in the region would be slaughtered. If Hamas put down all of its guns tomorrow Israel would leave the Gaza Strip alone. It is that simple'' Ben Shapiro at Piers Morgan Uncensored
Put equal sign between HAMAS and Netanyahu is totally wrong. Do you really think, that if there was another premier minister, the response would be much different? As I said before - You can't drive to freedom with a kidnapped person in the trunk. So all these cartoons, such as - let's Make Peace, don't shoot, Pece Doves, Freedom Fighters, resistance, etc, and others both sides blaming pictures, support terrorists from Hamas, these cartoons hide the root of conflict, but the root is that one side wants to kill the entire population of the opponent. And they even don't hide it!

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