Three-panel cartoon showing a young child losing his parents to an Israeli missile in the first panel. In the second panel we see him growing up with a catapult in his hand, fighting Israel. In the third panel, he has become a fighter for Hamas.
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Cause & effect

Introduction-Development-Conclusion. More cartoons about Hamas in our collection.

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Reply to K.Schneider: Terrorism represents the Zionist state of Israel which is supported by other terrorist states such as NATO and EU countries.

Reply to K.Schneider: The only ones who spread falsehoods are the Zionist terrorists and genocidal Zionists. Hamas is a guerrilla organisation that fights Zionism, neo-colonialism, Israeli terrorism and cares for its own people. Germans like you are clearly fascists to the core.

You are an agitator who is simply spreading untruths here. Hamas is a terrorist organization that doesn't care about its own people. They only care about power. They are fascists.

Israel is a terrorist state now, with its criminal actions in Gaza, and is on par with any other terrorist organization. Enough of the disgusting and exposed double standards now, and let us find a just and comprehensive solution.

It is very natural that Israel's brutal action in Gaza since 2007 until this moment will lead to a brutal reaction from Hamas

You forgot to add frame zero, which depicts the Hamas massacre. Cause and effect.

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